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Every organization has a vision.

But most of them are pretty blurry.

In contrast, high-performance executive teams have a crystal-clear definition of where they are going. Ultimately, developing a clear and compelling vision is a key responsibility of the executive team.

In addition, the vision is far more than a traditional vision statement, most of which are just meaningless blah-blah-blah. A great vision is much more dynamic.

Finally, we recommend that executive teams reflect on the discipline of vision and develop a “SMART Vision,” which is specific enough to provide direction and inspiring enough to provide the motivation to achieve it. Many are captured in catchy, memorable phrases, such as “$25M by 2025.”

Here are a few Check Points to consider:

• Does your vision forecast the market trends and potential discontinuities?
• Have you tested your vision against current and potential competitors?
• Can every member of the executive team articulate the vision with “energizing clarity?”

SHIFTPOINTS® develops high-performance executive teams - because you can't win without one.



Every organization has values.

Unfortunately, most executive teams do not live by them.

In contrast, high-performance executive teams are fully devoted to their values. To high-performers, the discipline of values is much more than words on posters in the break room or in a booklet on the brochure wall.

High-performance executive teams use their values to guide their decisions and never tolerate behaviors that are inconsistent with their values.

Far too many companies tolerate executives who do not personify their values because they are “making their numbers” or “have been here since the beginning.”

Here are a few Check Points for your consideration:

  • Which of your executives most personifies your core values?
  • Should “value personification” be a criterion for executive bonuses?
  • Are there any executives whose behavior is so counter to your values that it is time for them to go?

SHIFTPOINTS® develops high-performance executive teams - because you can't win without one.

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A little over eight years ago, I left the staff of McLean Bible Church and restarted my consulting business.

Since then, we have worked with over thirty different organizations in fifteen different industries.

As we have reflected on these experiences, we identified One Common Denominator. Every organization had some issues with the executive team.

So, we have been working to answer two questions:
  • What is a high-performance executive team?
  • How can we best help our CEO clients build one?
We have developed a model that addresses these two questions called The Twelve Disciplines of high-performance executive teams. Over the next twelve weeks, we’ll be sharing them with you.

In the meantime, if you would like to jump start the transformation of your executive team, drop us a line at

SHIFTPOINTS® helps companies unleash the accelerating power of alignment.


Every organization has a group of senior executives.

Winners win because their executives work as a high-performance team.

There is a big difference between a group of executives and an executive team.

Groups of executives sit in the same room and present PowerPoint slides to each other. But people just pretend to listen, and are probably checking email or playing Angry Birds.

In contrast, high-performance executive teams have a shared vision, common goals, high accountability, and demonstrate a “we before me” attitude.

So, is your senior leadership a group or a team?

SHIFTPOINTS® develops high-performance executive teams - because you can't win without one.

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