SHIFTPOINTS® helps companies unleash the accelerating power of alignment.

Because alignment is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Our approach is a unique mix of strategy consulting, organizational transformation, and executive team coaching. We call it Strategy Coaching™.differentiating competitive advantage

In addition, we have a highly developed methodology called Drive One Direction® which guides clients through the process of transforming their companies.

Our best client has grown tenfold! Some have quadrupled in size. Several have doubled. Two have won Best Place to Work awards. One is in the Inc. 5000 Hall of Fame.

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We focus on organizations that want to build "One-Company" cultures.

Because alignment is our One Thing!

We have had the privilege of working with leaders in dozens of different industries. Some of our clients include:

  • Venture-Backed Startups – Silvercar
  • Health Care – Advanced Patient Advocacy
  • Technology – Sonic Wall, Agile Fleet, SiteOrganic, Infoition, Moreover Technologies
  • Professional Services – Campaign Solutions, NeoSystems, SpeakerBox, Top Gun Ventures
  • Construction – Bognet Construction, Signature Companies
  • Associations – Tech America, The Alliance to Save Energy, US Wrestling Foundation
  • Real Estate – Long & Foster, Coldwell Banker, RE/Max
  • Non-Profits – The American Red Cross
  • Government Contractors – Versar, Valiant, BTI360, Group W, Davis International
  • Think Tanks – The Heritage Foundation
  • Hospitality – Meadowkirk Resort
  • Franchising – Rita's Water Ice
  • Financial Services – Visa International
  • Private Equity Rollups – Ministry Brands
  • Education – Providence Academy
  • Social Services – The Christopher Atwood Foundation
  • Ministries – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The CS Lewis Institute
  • Churches/Ministries – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The CS Lewis Institute

While each company had unique challenges, there was One Thing they all had in common.

They all knew that unleashing the accelerating power of alignment was key to their success.

OUR methodology

Alignment is a complex, multidimensional problem.

Therefore, aligning your company requires an integrated, multidisciplinary approach.

The Drive One Direction® methodology includes twelve components. We call these components “The Twelve Accelerators™.” As you will see, each starts with the word “One.”

One Team. One Vision. One Strategy.

These are twelve components of your corporate core. A strong corporate core is like a stabilizing centripetal force that keeps everyone—and everything—aligned.

our three-step process

To maximize efficiency and accelerate results, SHIFTPOINTS has developed a three-step process:

  1. THE NAVIGATION INDEX™ – A unique assessment of Executive Team Alignment.
  2. THE PIT STOP PROGRAM® – A 90-day engagement culminating in a one-day strategic alignment workshop.
  3. THE TOP GEAR PROGRAM® – Long-term strategy consulting and coaching to help leaders unleash the accelerating power of alignment.

Every high-performance company has a coach. Great coaches have a system, a playbook, and a winning record.

Since implementing the Drive One Direction® methodology, our best clients have grown tenfold! Some have quadrupled. Many have doubled. One is in the Inc. 5000 Hall of Fame. Several have won Best Place to Work awards.