Every company has meetings.

If you want to give your next meeting a Jump Start, consider hiring Dave Ramos as your keynote speaker.

Dave Ramos, the founder and CEO of SHIFTPOINTS, is an expert at helping companies unleash the accelerating power of alignment.

An energizing and engaging speaker, Dave will have your team Driving in One Direction!

In addition, as a speaker, Dave literally "puts his money where his mouth is." Be sure to ask about our innovative pricing model.

To give your next meeting a jump start, contact us at start@shiftpoints.com. 


Here is some feedback from a recent presentation:

  • Dave is a very engaging speaker. 
  • Really enjoyed his content and approach.
  • I would love to have him back next year.
  • Dave was very knowledgeable. Great insight - great speaker getting everyone engaged.
  • He was perfect for this forum.
  • Fantastic speaker. Provided great insight into driving the one direction in an easy to digest manner.
  • His new book is excellent. Dave was extremely key to the entire event.
  • Excellent. Very inspiring and passionate.
  • Awesome!!! Inspiring!!! Engaging!!! Passionate!!!
  • I would give him 10 out of 10.
  • Wow!


In 2013, SHIFTPOINTS CEO Dave Ramos wrote a little book based on a simple idea.

You have to be good at lots of things ... but the way to win is to become "differentiatingly great" at One Thing.

Since then, SHIFTPOINTS has worked with dozens of companies and thousands of solopreneurs.

Those that fully committed to the Decide One Thing. Align Everything. Win! model have experienced incredible results – 30, 60 or 100 times their investment.

So, is your company "differentiatingly great" at One Thing?