Every organization makes promises. 

But most don’t actually keep them.

Every year, organizations spend billions in marketing, making promises to customers.  To cut through the clutter and stand out from the competition, their claims get bigger and more audacious.  Every day, sales people make promises to customers.  To win the deal, their promises get bolder and more exaggerated.

And customers make purchase decisions based on these heightened promises.  Too often, what they actually experience is a far cry from what the organization promised.  We call this the “Customer Experience Gap,” and it is a root cause of slow growth, poor profitability, and low morale.

In contrast, high-performers apply fanatical attention to detail to build an organization that “promises exactly what they deliver, and delivers exactly what they promise.” 

Not one time, but Every Time. 

High-performance organizations focus on their front-line people, because high employee engagement leads to high customer satisfaction.  Front-line people have everything they need to deliver, including training, tools, and the appropriate incentives.  And the back-office people accept their roles as part of the supporting cast.

Next, high-performers identify every “Moment of Truth” in their transaction lifecycle.  A Moment of Truth occurs anytime your organization interacts with a current or potential customer.  In most organizations, there are hundreds of these during the course of a transaction, including marketing communications, sales calls, sales proposals, service calls, etc. 

High-performers also build quality control checks into the process.  These include mystery shoppers, customer feedback surveys, lost account reviews, and more.  Getting to the real truth requires discipline and tact, but it is essential to the continuous-improvement process.

Finally, high-performers identify and optimize the internal processes that are critical to delivering what they promised.  These processes are institutionalized, so they can be done repeatedly and profitably.  They are designed to scale, so every person in every location can deliver them every time.

So, are you delivering exactly what you promise?

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