The actions a new executive takes during the first 90 days of their new assignment essentially determines their long-term success in the job. 

Executives who mess up the first 90 days rarely recover.

The SHIFTPOINTS On-Ramp Program is a structured, 90-day engagement that covers all of the critical elements of executive transitions. 

The program combines structured templates, assessment tools, and a specialized coaching process to dramatically improve the probability of success. 

In addition, the program culminates with an off-site meeting, which ensures that all members of the new executive’s team are engaged in the process. 

The On-Ramp Program is delivered by a SHIFTPOINTS Certified Strategy Coach, who guides and facilitates the process.  The following table summarizes the key components of the program:

1 Baseline Reading
  • The First 90 Days
  • The On-Ramp – Planning for Day One
2 Assessment
  • The Management Index (Assessment of 25 managerial competencies)

One-on-One Sessions

The SHIFTPOINTS Strategy Coach will conduct ten one-on-one sessions with the executive to discuss key transition issues:

  • The Rear View Mirror – How did we get here?
  • Leadership Inventory – What is your dominant style?
  • Managing Up – What is your boss’ dominant style?
  • Situation Analysis – What is the real situation?
  • Company Analysis – How can you join the team?
  • Results Expectations – Exactly what must be accomplished?
  • Performance Assessment – How is your team performing now?
  • Staff Assessment – Do you have the team required to succeed?
  • Peer Assessment – Who are your allies?
  • Decision Rights – What are you empowered to decide?
4 Offsite Meeting
  • Discuss lessons from ten sessions
  • Discuss team dynamics
  • Action planning

While nothing can guarantee that an executive will succeed in a new role, The On-Ramp Program ensures that all of the critical transition issues are discussed.  The SHIFTPOINTS Strategy Coach provides coaching, accountability, and a safe place to discuss sensitive issues.