WhiteCompassAt SHIFTPOINTS, our mission is to help companies unleash the accelerating power of alignment.

But a misaligned executive team will never create an aligned company.

Therefore, we start every engagement with The Navigation IndexTM, a proprietary survey designed to assess Executive Team Alignment (ETA).

The Navigation Index is comprised of twenty-five questions, which are aligned with the SHIFTPOINTS Drive One Direction model.

In addition, The Navigation Index is one of the components of the Pit Stop Program®

In most cases, clients will only survey executives who will be participating in The Pit Stop Program. However, clients have the option of opening up the survey to other key stakeholders at their discretion.

SHIFTPOINTS analyzes the results first by looking at the average score for each question. This provides insight into the best and worst performing areas of the organization.

In addition, we look for dispersion among the responses. As a result, we are able to identify areas where the organization’s executives disagree about a particular dimension of performance.

For example, we have worked with clients where the CEO "strongly agreed" that the organization’s vision was crystal-clear, but the executives reporting to him did not share that opinion.

This kind of information provides critical insights that are essential to leading a strategic planning meeting where the agenda is highly targeted and the executives are highly engaged. 

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