welcome to the shiftpoints partner portal

SHIFTPOINTS® is expanding nationwide.

If you are passionate about helping companies unleash the accelerating power of alignment, perhaps this is the business opportunity you have been looking for.


  • The SHIFTPOINTS Partner Program will be offered to a select number of highly qualified strategy consultants and executive coaches.  We call them “Strategy Coaches.”


  • Partners will become authorized “Value-Added Resellers” of SHIFTPOINTS programs.
  • Our flagship is called “The Pit Stop Program.”
  • The SHIFTPOINTS Partner Program also includes a broad range of tools and services designed to help Partners build successful consulting practices:
    • Corporate marketing, including the SHIFTPOINTS website, blog, social media presence, and more.
    • An "enterprise-grade" business infrastructure, including HubSpot, Rackspace e-mail,, and more.
    • Marketing tools, including logos, brochures, videos, and more.
    • Sales tools, including lead generation, sample proposals, and more.
    • Support, training, and coaching

What’s the Deal?

  • Becoming a SHIFTPOINTS Partner involves a one-time investment to cover training, certification, and the initial marketing launch.
  • SHIFTPOINTS Partners also pay a monthly fee.


  • SHIFTPOINTS Partners have the best of both worlds. They run their own company and are also part of a larger team. This is much better than “going it alone.”
  • The SHIFTPOINTS affiliation creates a Differentiating Competitive Advantage for Partners, helping them win vs. the thousands of other independent consultants.

Now What?

  • To learn more about The Partner Program, please CLICK HERE to complete the SHIFTPOINTS non-disclosure agreement.