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Bain and Company is a leader in strategy consulting.

The people who work there are, as they say in Boston, “wicked smaaart.”

So, when the leaders of Bain’s strategy practice validate the advice we’ve been giving, it feels especially good.

Here is an excerpt from a Harvard Business Review article written by Chris Zook and James Allen:

“Differentiation is the essence of strategy, the prime source of competitive advantage. You earn money not just by performing a valuable task, but by being different from your competitors in a manner that lets you serve your core customers better and more profitably.

The sharper your differentiation, the greater your advantage.”

Or, as we would say, Decide One Thing, Align Everything, and Win!®

SHIFTPOINTS® helps companies unleash the accelerating power of alignment.

You can read the article, entitled The Great Repeatable Business Model here: